What do I get?Chocolate Lab puppy

Private, in-h0me sessions designed to provide the behavioral and socialization foundation crucial to your puppy’s development. Training at home allows your puppy to learn, grow and accept new challenges in a familiar environment.

Who benefits?

This package helps you and your puppy maximize the socialization window. The first 20 weeks are the most critical learning and developmental period for your puppy. We partner with you to ensure that your puppy is prepared to address all varieties of real world distractions while maintaining appropriate puppy manners and avoiding behavioral issues.


What’s in it for me?Curious yellow lab

During your puppy training and socialization sessions we will utilize positive reinforcement to teach your puppy crate training, house training, socialization, handling and appropriate chewing behaviors. By focusing on consistency and rewards you will learn how to quickly forge a meaningful bond with your new puppy.

Where does it happen?                            Bulldog friends

All sessions occur in the comfort of your own home, making it a familiar environment for you and, more importantly, your puppy. The sessions are scheduled based on your availability.

What’s the cost?

Choose from either a 60 minute private session for $75 or a 90 minute private session for $95.

Package pricing is also available. Please call Kyle for further information if interested.


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