What do I get?Yellow Lab playing hard

At Life of Spot, we offer professional private dog walking and exercise services. We will come to your home and get your dog up off the floor (or couch!) and out on his feet. Walks of 15 and 30 minutes are standard; however, we alter walk lengths and exercise sessions based on your needs.


Golden Retrievers Dog WalkingWho is it for?

We understand that life gets crazy. Between work, kids, activities, vacations and all of life’s unexpected surprises, there’s not always enough time to ensure your dog gets the exercise he needs. Dog walking services are ideal for busy professionals who can’t get away from the office during the day; for parents running from soccer to dance; and for anyone wanting their dog to benefit from regular exercise.

Allow Life of Spot to share in this responsibility. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled daily walk, attention during a family vacation or a last minute emergency, we can offer you peace of mind knowing that your dog is receiving exceptional care.


What’s in it for me?Puppy exercise

Essentially a happier, healthier dog. Our professional staff genuinely loves working with dogs on a daily basis. As such, you can be assured that your dog will receive our undivided attention during private walks. It’s no secret that dogs benefiting from regular exercise are calmer, healthier and happier. Trust us to take care of your dog while you’re taking care of your life and come home to a happy dog ready to greet you after a long day.


German Shepherd playingWhat’s the cost?

Recurring scheduled walks

  • $15 for 15 minutes
  • $20 for 30 minutes

Scheduled walks

  • $20 for 15 minutes
  • $25 for 30 minutes

Save the day! Last minute walks

  • $25 for 15 minutes
  • $30 for 30 minutes

All of our dog walking sessions are private – your dog will not be grouped with other dogs. The only exception to this is households that have multiple dogs. For such households, discounted rates are available.

We offer weekend and vacation packages at discounted rates. Please call or email for further information.



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