Unleash Happiness

Whether you realize it or not, you are a dog trainer by virtue of the fact that you have one. Knowingly or unknowingly, you are teaching your dog something each and every time you interact with him. Whatever your goals for your dog may be, patience, understanding, consistency and love are key components in realizing those goals. At Life of Spot we possess the skills necessary to transform your canine companion to the companion of your dreams.

We utilize only force-free, positive reinforcement training methods. Relying on several basic training principles, we focus on motivation and positive reinforcement to shape individual behaviors that are desirable to you. We believe that obedience training can and should be FUN – not only for your dog but for you as well. That’s why we’re not only committed to teaching your dog; we’re educating you too. Our goal is to create a rewarding relationship for you and your dog based on strong leadership and clearly defined roles.

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